AmeriCom Announces: The Area Code Wizard

A new service to clean your lists of phone numbers!

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Area code splits and overlays have caused virtually all telephone and fax lists to be out of date! If you are a Telemarketer, or routinely work with lists of telephone numbers, you know how much time can be wasted dialing phone numbers which are no longer current, due to changes in area codes throughout the United States.

Let the AmeriCom Area Code Wizard update your phone and fax database to include the latest new area code changes, starting at just $49.99. Simply send us your phone lists and the Wizard will return them with new numbers updated from past and present area code changes.

With over 5 years of specializing in area codes for the AmeriCom Area Decoder we have the expertise and the data to correct your database no matter how large or small. In the past two years over 38 new area codes have been added affecting over 50 million phone numbers, and many more are expected.

The Area Code Wizard is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to get your phone numbers corrected NOW. Don't delay. The time you waste with wrong numbers is more costly than you may know. Contact AmeriCom with any questions you may have at:
Phone: 1-800-820-6296